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  GeekBerry History GeekBerry History

Published: April 10, 2008 @ 6:23 am

The Beginning
In 2001, then 17-year-old Giancarlo Colfer turned his dream of creating a internet-oriented business into a reality. A visionary for his time, Colfer started a few online sites, overseeing everything from managing SQL Databases, Coding PHP, Pearl, JavaScript, Developing Web Applications on the early World Wide Web, to making sure he had a profitable business by all means possible.

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Although quite successful with his online venture, he took time off to concentrate on his studies. Around that same time he was introduced to the BlackBerry Smartphone and immediately became a fan of it’s ability to do just about everything while on the go. He continued his studies and continued learning most major programming languages. Through out the years he acquired different BlackBerry models and became very knowledgeable on the in’s and out’s of the handheld device.

in late 2007 while working at a major fortune 500 company, he realized more the need for BlackBerry’s in a everyday real world enviroment and the need for more information to help it’s user. He took this into consideration and being an entrepreneur at heart poked at the opportunity of offering 1 on 1 learning classes, building a blackberry website and monetizing on it’s popularity. Thus the birth of GeekBerry, thought not the name given to the orignal site. GeekBerry was first called CORE, the name of Colfer’s latest project and venture and the name he goes by as a Programmer.

A year later, Colfer adopted the Web 2.0 model for his site and implemented his 10+ years of experience, which allowed visitors more functionality and control on the website. With the completion of his recent project, he’s enjoyed much success and looks forward to bringing the world future projects.

Code is Poetry
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