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Published: April 10, 2008 @ 5:11 pm

Get in touch with us

Please take a moment and review the list of contacts below to find the right one for your question.

We look forward to hearing your feedback, comments and questions about the website.

BlackBerry Technical Support

Visit the BlackBerry support section to find BlackBerry support resources online. Other support options and resources available to assist you in resolving technical issues related to your BlackBerry solution include:

  • Your Service Provider
    Contact the organization who originally sold you the BlackBerry product as they can act as your first point of contact to field general queries and provide technical support for BlackBerry solution-related issues.
  • Online Answers to Technical Questions
    The BlackBerry Technical Solution Center provides a searchable area to help you find the BlackBerry support information you need, including online product documentation and step-by-step troubleshooting information for common technical issues.
  • BlackBerry Support Community Forums
    Get your questions answered, and participate in discussions on BlackBerry products and services. Visit the BlackBerry Community Support Forum to get started.

Are you already a Partner or BlackBerry Technical Support Services subscriber?
Take advantage of the additional support options available to you and feel free to use there online form to submit technical issues directly to BlackBerry Technical Support at your convenience.

Back To Contacting Us

If you need to contact Affinity Media and Publishing Group (AMP), the company that develops the Website, you’re in the right place.

By Land

All mail, products, press kits can be sent to:

    c/o Affinity Media and Publishing Group
    PO BOX 785
    Stamford, CT 06904-0785

Any donations can be made over at our Donate to GeekBerry page.

By Email

The GeekBerry Staff really loves Email. The volume of Email we get daily is somewhere in the hundreds, however we still do our best to reply to each and every personal Email sent to us. Realistically you’ll either get a reply right away or in a weeks time.

All that said, Email the webmaster directly @webmaster-email
or use the form below.

Customer service and support for
2 employees are ready to listen and respond.

Contact Us
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By Sea

Another popular method to get in touch with us at GeekBerry is through AIM. We think AOL has a messaging platform that is remarkably functional and usable. You can contact the webmaster @ GeekBerry IM.

By Air

For interviews and urgent matters, our Telephone is probably best. That number is (917) 284-8498.

Other forms of communication, including psychic signals and carrier pigeons seem to be less reliable, so stick to the above methods just to be safe.

Please keep in mind this contact number is for Official Business use only! All other calls will not be accepted -

Subscribe to GeekBerry

Please stay in touch with what is up to through one of our subscription methods.

Write for GeekBerry

If you’re interested in writing for us, becoming a contributing editor, send an example of your writing skills, any ideas or comments you have, and a few sentences about yourself.

  • If you would prefer to just send us a tip, information on your company’s latest product, or if you got some juicy info on a hot new product or gadget, then head over to our tips page for more information.


For more information on Business Development Relationships, Advertising opportunity’s available at please see our Advertising page.


If you have an affiliate program that you feel would make a great fit with the website or another idea about how your company or website can partner with, please visit our Affiliate Network Program.

Giancarlo Colfer
Giancarlo Colfer, CEO and Founder
Affinity Media and Publishing Group

To join the GeekBerry community, click here to register for free.

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