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How to Guide on Shortcuts and Setting Up The BlackBerry Browser on A Curve 83XX
Settings and shortcuts tested on a BlackBerry 8300 – 8310 – 8320 Curve but should also work on most other older and newer models –

Brief Summary on The BlackBerry Internet Service
BlackBerry Internet Service is a component of the BlackBerry Internet Solution, which allows you to integrate your BlackBerry device with up to 11 supported business or personal email accounts, send and receive instant messages, and browse web content while on the go. You get “push” delivery of messages, mobile access to email attachments and images in popular formats, as well as convenient access to HTML and WAP pages*.

With the BlackBerry Internet Service Browser, you get Internet access on the go.

  • Surf HTML content.
  • Bookmark your favorite web pages.
  • Find the information you need using search engines.
  • Enjoy a familiar browsing experience with support for full color images and JavaScript.

Code is poetry

Configuring The Browser Settings
Have you started up your BlackBerry Browser? That would be the first step! Lets make some changes to the browser settings to give you a better experience on the web.

Hit “O” (O for Options) to access the menu faster, or manually access it via:

  1. Menu
  2. Options
  3. Browser Configuration

First setting you’ll want to change in the Browser Configuration Screen is the very first one at the top called “Browser:”.

    There should be 3 available options;

  • Internet Browser
  • BlackBerry Browser
  • Your Service Providers Browser

Suppose your Carrier is AT&T, the third option for you would be MEdia Net.

Browser Selection

Browser Selection

So whats the difference between Browser?

Well by default each browser has pre-configured settings. We find Carrier Browsers being optimized for all mobile devices and having WAP settings.

Meaning the settings are set to show the basic look and functions of a website. The result would be a striped down version of your favorite site. But were on a BlackBerry! We have or should I say the Device has the power and is fully capable of rendering full blown HTML websites. So why not experience the web as it was meant, why a strip down version?

You want to choose “Internet Browser” if available for the “Browser:” Option. Next if applicable un-check the “Support JavaScript” Option.

Sure JavaScript is a browsers friend but when it comes to the BlackBerry’s Browser certain Websites JavaScript’s will have your BlackBerry Browser running infinite loops while running the script! This problem should get solved in later versions of the BlackBerry Operating System.

This is why well have it turned off. Otherwise you’ll just sit there staring at your BlackBerry wondering why you cant view a web page and wonder why you even got one to begin with and just start talking down on your BlackBerry. We don’t want that, uh uh. Quite a bit of times were confident to say that people that have issues with there BlackBerry is simply because it was a error on there part. Not the BlackBerry Device. Booyah! But don’t worry, were here to help. Remember that’s why we built this site! All the Best BlackBerry Resources in one site, the stuff that really matters most to you and others!

Ok back to the browser settings.

  • Un-check “Prompt to enable JavaScript”.
  • Next Check “Support HTML Tables”.
  • Next check “Use Foreground And Background Colors”.
  • Next check “Use Background Images”.
  • Next check “Support Embedded Media”.
  • Next check “Support Style Sheets”
  • Under “Style sheets media type:” choose “Screen”.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure the above out. All that stuff was not supported! Well you know just change that.

Browser Configuration ex. 1

Browser Configuration ex. 1

Browser Configuration ex. 2

Browser Configuration ex. 2

You will be experiencing the World Wide Web (WWW) a.k.a Internet as if you were back home or at the office on your PC!

Almost done, just a few more setting changes to enhance your BlackBerry Internet experience.

  • Next under the Show Images: setting choose On WML & HTML Pages.
  • Next under Emulation Mode: choose BlackBerry Emulation .
  • Next under Content Mode choose WML & HTML.

Finally the “Start Page” Option is completely up to you. Our favorite setting is to have it set to “Home Page” but you can make the BlackBerry load up the last page loaded, “Home Page Address”, or better yet your “Bookmarks Page”!

Quick Tip!

    Setting your “Home Page” to Google Mobile can be very useful.

Code is poetry

Learning The Browser Shortcuts – A Must Read for All BlackBerry Users!

    Shortcut keys to navigate more efficiently on your BlackBerry Browser.

  • R Key will Reload the current page. Usage: page not loaded correctly? Not showing up at all? Hit R versus typing in the entire address again or digging into your Bookmarks.
  • T Key will scroll to the top of a page. Usage: Long page? Dont want to scroll for nerely a minute? Hit T to scroll back up to the top!
  • U Key will transform your browser into Full Screen Mode. Usage: Get more out of your already huge screen. Hit U againg to toggle between modes.
  • I Key will show you your History. Usage: Forgot that useful websites address? Get it back by viewing your website history up to a week back!
  • O Key gets you into the options menu. Usage: Make changes, clear cookies, clear browsing history, clear cache and more.
  • P Key brings up a window that not only displays the current pages title but the full URL (address) ability to copy the URL to the device’s clipboard and also Email, SMS Text message, PIN message, MMS message the link to yourself or a friend.
  • A Key brings up a Add Bookmark window that allows you to Rename the Bookmark before you save it, choose the Folder to store it to, make it Available Offline, Auto Synchronize options from never to every hour, up to every 24 hours, and finally what browser to store it to.
  • S Key is the Save to Message List option which is a quick way to save the link to your Inbox folder.
  • D Key acts as a minimize “Show Desktop” function. When pressed it minimizes the browser and displays the Home Screen. Pressing the End key does the same.
  • F is a built in search function that searches any text located within a website. The best part about the search function is that its not case-sensitive.
  • G Key is the Go To, Open Location function. Along with that it displays a list of all previous entries in last used order.
  • H Key is the Home key, once pressed it loads the Browsers Home Page. It is possible to change the Home Page to your favorite site.
  • K Key brings up the Bookmarks folder. Has a Search Bookmarks feature, simply type the first or first couple letters of your Bookmarks name and it will automatically display Bookmarks that start with that letter. Example, I hit “G” and Google and all other Bookmarks with the letter “G” appear. Expand and collapse folders.
  • L Key is similar to the P Key but instead of showing the pages URL (address) it shows the address of the link highlighted. Rollover any link to get that links address and also the ability to copy the URL to the device’s clipboard and also Email, SMS Text message, PIN message, MMS message the link to yourself or a friend.
  • DEL Key acts a Navigation button “Go Back One Page” “Back Button” “Previous”.
  • X Key allows for an efficient way of navigating thru a page. It displays a smaller version of the current website along side it. You can “Zoom in or Out” this smaller window by pressing the I Key to Zoom In or the O Key to Zoom Out. Pressing the BlackBerry Key and selecting Zoom In or Zoom Out accomplishes this also, I and O are faster and that’s what this entire article is about! Shortcuts!
  • C Key Displays the Connection Information. Showing things like the Host UID, Duration of time spent on page, Bytes Sent, Bytes Received, to Security Settings.
  • V Key acts identical to the F Key (Search Function). It is a built in search function that searches any text located within a website. The best part about the search function is that its not case-sensitive.
  • B Key does the opposite of the T Key. It enables you to automatically scroll to the very bottom of a page.
  • N Key acts as a Navigation button “Go forward one page” “Forward Button” “Next”. See the DEL Key.
  • Enter Key is self explanatory. Inputs current selection.

Code is poetry


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3 Responses to
“How to Guide on Shortcuts and Setting Up The BlackBerry Browser on A Curve 83XX”
  1. GeekBerry Staff
    April 12th, 2008  at  6:54 pm

    If you find this Great Article Helpful, please consider referring  it to a family member or friend. Don’t forget to bookmark it today!

    The GeekBerry Team

  2. ronald
    February 8th, 2011  at  7:49 pm

    Very good and accurate insight. This also works for the series of blackberrys like the 8900 that have the old OS. However, recently, after upgrading my blackberry 8930 with Verizon to 6.0 OS, those settings have all been changed and the new settings don’t allow a way to be able to go from mobile to desktop browsing or vice versa. Woulkd you happen to have any insight or guide for the new OS? If not, thanks anyway for these accurate steps! Thanks again bud!

  3. Nichole Vanschaick
    August 14th, 2011  at  8:52 pm

    Awesome, thanks!

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